R. Finn

Collecting Trip

The Show Must Go On


The banner read, "Come one and all",

to Lemmlies Sideshow Carnival,

in this the final curtain call.

Come one and all.

Men will swing from trapese beams,

and bring to life your childhood dreams,

nothing will be as it seems.

Come one and all

You'll see things you won't believe,

your satisfaction is garranteed.

Just as long as you know,

that the show must go on.


Well I fell for every silent cry,

like a thief when he's hungry,

and a drunk when he's dry.

Made my home where where the gypsies roam

neath the ol' big top.

But then as quickly as it came,

it dissapeared on a long frieght train.

rolled into another time and place.

where the show must go on.


When the greatest show In all the land,

comes to your town for a one nights stand,

You best not give your heart away,

to a show that must go on.


Now broken glass and shrouds of tin,

sprang up from the earth,

like the hair from your skin,

and everything stood silent and still.

Beneath the ol' big top.

and i felt a piece inside me die,

I was to tired to sleep, and to lonesome to cry,

There's some things you wish could never end,

but the show must go on.



Chris Rondinella: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Jim Keltner: Drums

Sebastian Steinberg: Upright Bass

Zane Carney: Electric Guitar

Will Gramling: B3 Organ

Tyler Chester: Piano

Tommy King: Mellotron

Ben Peeler: Dobro


Background Vocals:

Ashley Johnson, Haylie Langseth

Copyright Heritage Recording Co. 2017