R. Finn

Collecting Trip


Quiet House


It's a quiet house,

when the kids are grown.

Nobody calling on the telephone.

ain't nobody calling.

ain't nobody calling.


I got no patience in television,

same old story in repetition,

everybody talking,

everybody talking.


I'll take my time,

in where i'm going.

cuz I'm right where i wanted to be.

and what a drag it is.

getting older,

I hope it don't happen to me.


It’s a sign of the times,

and they’re fading fast.

But we got tonight babe,

We gotta make it last,

Don't wait until tomorrow

Don't wait until tomorrow.



Chris Rondinella: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Jim Keltner: Drums

Sebastian Steinberg: Upright Bass

Sean Watkins: Acoustic Guitar

Benmont Tench: Piano

Rich Hinman: Pedal Steel

Sara Watkins: Violin

Zane Carney: Acoustic Guitar

Will Gramling: B3 Organ

Ben Peeler: Banjo


Background Vocals:

Madison Cunningham, Anna Nalick

Copyright Heritage Recording Co. 2017