R. Finn

Collecting Trip

1-5-18 : Notes From Left Of The Dial , PopDust Release Radar.

A nice write up from left of the dial here at nooga.com

On his new single, “Quiet House,” Finn radiates a bucolic intimacy, a warmth that extends outward from the lingering syllables of each line to the comforting melodies that cling to your ears. Acoustic guitars and a gently shuffling percussive gait bend your attention to the effortless way he creates detailed folk worlds from a host of familiar sounds. There’s a definite twang and tangible ache in each moment of the song. The persuasive rustic rhythms latch on to your senses and form a nice little folk cocoon inside your head, a perfect nesting spot for Finn’s compelling use of mandolin and pedal steel shivers. Blending Americana and ancestral folk tendencies, he comes away with a sound both reverential and casually ambitious.



Quiet House Featured On PopDust

This song is a game changer for this week's release radar. Much more acoustic and relaxed than the rest of this week's releases, it was a treat, as much as I love electronic music. My favorite part of this tune are the beautiful vocals and harmonies. The string instrumentation from the guitar to the banjo to the fiddle just make me think of driving through the countryside. Brb planning a road trip.



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