R. Finn

Collecting Trip

1-18-18 Mother Church Pew Previews Collecting Trip

"With haunting yet hopeful arrangements and heart-wrenchingly poignant lyrics, R. Finn Music has put his kickstand down in the midst of the vast Americana landscape to create a bar-raising deep dive into the best attributes of the genre on his forthcoming album. " Mother Church Pew



Here’s a chance to preview my album before it comes out in the coming days. I hope you enjoy our labor of love! It was certainly laborious, and I certainly enjoyed making it. I wanted to make a truthful record, with serving the musical muse my only compass. At the very least I did that. I can promise you. It’s no Ray Charles record. But it’s the best album I can make for where I’m at now. We’ll see where we go from here. Perhaps, what I enjoyed most about it, is to get to continue to be a student of a craft I enjoy so much. I, of course, have to thank my partner in crime the masterful Jim Keltner for given me the opportunity to sharpen my tools. As well as his co-productive genius, and making the album dance. I wouldn’t have started an album without him, neither would I have finished this one. Beyond that, there were many people who worked hard to get this thing to the finish line. Too many to mention. But if they are on the record it is because I admire them. We get through this life off the kindness and grace of others, and I am happy to be in their company. So in closing, roll up a J with some friends, if that’s your pleasure, and spend 40 minutes with us. Or put it on in your car and go get lost somewhere. However, you choose to enjoy music. I hope you enjoy this one.

Your Pal,



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