R. Finn

Collecting Trip

God Is On Vacation


It was in the news i saw you,

they said you were past your prime.

That your ways are too old fashion,

for such a modern time.

But maybe your just busy,

with t.v. of you own,

and you took a paid vacation,

and left us here alone.


Well if God is on vacation,

then he's somewhere far away.

Far from the hills and valleys,

of the U.S.A.

Someone had said they saw him,

on a train to Mexico,

but when God go's on vacation,

there's no telling where he'll go.


Seems the king has left the castle,

and the sailor's out at sea,

and he took all the good girls with him,

and left none here for me.

Tonight while I was dancing,

I could not see her there,

cuz' when God is on vacation.

love ain't in the air.


Now i knew this war was coming,

long before they made it known.

For they taught us to be ready,

before a punch is thrown.

And it was in an angry village,

in some far, unhappy town.

that they said God had tried to get there,

but they shot his airplane down.


Today I was thinking,

that maybe can it be.

That we're the ones who's missing.

Lost, alone and free. 

For God don't need vacation,

cuz' God is quite at home.

Chasing all unhappy people,

to which he's still unknown.



Chris Rondinella: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Jim Keltner: Drums, Programing

Sebastian Steinberg: Upright Bass

Sean Watkins: Acoustic Guitar

Will Gramling: Piano

Ben Peeler: Steel Guitar


Copyright Heritage Recording Co. 2017