R. Finn

Collecting Trip

Hard Times Again


We've been here before,

you and the devil waiting at my door.

Don't come here anymore ,

its hard times again.

I try, try in vain,

to be free from her toil and pain,

yet still these scars remain,

it's hard times again.


She was true to me,

Now she's a memory.

here go,

the hard times again.


Wheels don't seem to roll,

my bed wont rock , 

and my boat wont row.

Dressed up,

nowhere to go,

and it's hard times again.

I cant fall asleep at night.

Death hanging on me like a parasite.

My futures black and white,

its hard time again.


She was good to me

Now she's just misery 

here, oh

The hard times again.


I shouldn't take so much,

but she's got the killing touch.

Leans on you like a crutch 

and its hard times again.

She'll stick like a disease,

then bring you to your knees,

leave you begging please,

for the hard times again.


She was a friend of mine,

sure as the sun did shine,

and i'll see her down the line,

when its hard times again.




Chris Rondinella: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Jim Keltner: Drums, Percusion

Sebastian Steinberg: Upright Bass

Sean Watkins: Acoustic Guitar

Will Gramling: Piano

Reeve Carney : Acoustic Guitar

Ben Peeler: Steel Guitar, Banjo

Rich Hinman: Pedal Steel



John Krovoza, Paul Cartwright, Mario De Leon, Nancy Kuo, Agnus Schwartz, 

Artyom Manukyan, Savannah Jo Lack, Luke Feldman, Brit Gardner, Haley Smith

Arranged By:

Ross Garren

Copyright Heritage Recording Co. 2017