R. Finn

Collecting Trip


Desperation, Usa


My name is Jo,

i was born the night,

The fight was on the radio.

My daddy named me that so I would always know,

to keep a head above the status-quo.

Still it's work and sleep.

You do the best you can,

and then repeat,

stick to the plan,

and find something to eat. 

Clothes on your back

and shoes on you feet.


For some time,

I've been waiting for a light,

to come my way,

But the darkness shines through the day,

In Desperation, Usa


When the taxman came,

he took what I had left,

what i had to my name.

Said "it ain't personal friend”

it's just a numbers game.

"Sorry for the news, 

I am not to blame." 

So I drove away,

to try to start again,

begin a brand new day.

Turn my name tag in,

and join the cabaret,

I wonder if they ever knew me anyway. 


For some time,

I’ve been waiting for a chance,

To get away,

But It seems I’m here to stay,

In Desperation, Usa.


Chris Rondinella: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Madison Cunningham: Vocals

Adam Levy: Acoustic Guitar

Will Gramling: Pump Organ

Bo Koster: Keyboards




Copyright Heritage Recording Co. 2017