R. Finn

Collecting Trip


Lonely Heart Blues


Life is just a lonely street, 

so shake the dust off of your feet, and roam.

Go it alone.

Come and go just as you please,

drink of all life's pleasantries, 

and get stoned.

Go it alone.


I’m gonna take a walk and free my mind.

Break of all the lowly ties that bind. 


Cuz’ it’s nobody but you,

Can leave you lonely and blue.

Left with only,

the low and lonely heart blues.



Well I guess that’s just the way I am,

I’m a solitary man,

and thats how i’m gonna stay,

I’m gonna go down with my boots still on,

Spend my time til’ It's gone gone gone,

and do It all my way.


I’m gonna leave a sign up on the door.

Say go away now don’t come back no more.


I knew somebody like you,

tried to turn one into two,

and left with only,

the low and lonely heart blues.



Now Jesus keep your eye on me.

Sometimes i don't know how to be so unknown,

so i go it alone.

I’m no use for society,

and they don’t mean that much to me.

Oh no, don’t make me go it alone.


I'm gonna plug the phone back in the wall,

Sit around and wait for someone to call,


Cuz’ In life and love you might lose.

But thats the road you must choose.

It’s only the low and lonely heart blues.


Chris Rondinella: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Jim Keltner: Drums, Percussion

Sebastian Steinberg: Upright Bass

Benmont Tench: Piano

Tyler Chester: Mellotron

Dan Barrett: Cornet, Trombone

Corey Gemme: Clarinet

Copyright Heritage Recording Co. 2017