R. Finn

Collecting Trip

I Am A Soldier


I am a soldier,

in an unknown army.

Just a peaceful fighter in a endless war.

I’m dressed In armour,

Ready and willing,

I am strong for I am free,

and none can take away from me,

what I’ve been given.


Humanity is my religion.

Humanity my faithful friend.

I have no border,

No rank and order,

Still a soldier,

Til' the cold and bitter end.



I Am A Soldier



I am a warrior,

and I don't fear nothing.

I've been in battle since I was born,

From Nagasaki,

to the Bighorn Valley.

But like the dust from where I came,

I will always remain.

I am a soldier.



Chris Rondinella: Vocals

Jim Keltner: Drums, Percusion

Sebastian Steinberg: Upright Bass

Sean Watkins: Acoustic Guitar

Benmont Tench: Piano

Ben Peeler: Wissenbourn

Ross Garren: Harmonica

Tyler Chester: B3 Organ


Background Vocals:

Andy Davis, Noah Lamberth, Jared Romano, Brett Hool


Copyright Heritage Recording Co. 2017